Tom of Finland

Creative team

Libretto: Tuomas Parkkinen
Music: Jussi Vahvaselkä ja Jori Sjöroos
Direction and choreography: Reija Wäre
Set design: Jani Uljas
Costume design: Tuomas Lampinen


Olli Rahkonen (Touko Laaksonen), Anna Victoria Eriksson (Kaija Laaksonen, Touko's sister), Jukka Nylund (Veli Mäkinen), Mika Kujala (Markus Palin), Ville Erola (Kake), Jonas Furrer, Marika Huomolin, Minna Hämäläinen, Stefan Karlsson, Leo Kirjonen, Ulla Koivuranta, Clyde van Loij, Tuukka Raitala, Petri Rajala, Kimmo Rasila, Jonas Saari, Riitta Salminen, Aleksi Seppänen

What cannot be said out loud must be drawn. What cannot be drawn must be sung.


Premiere on January 27th, 2017. Performances in spring 2017, limited run ends on May 6th.

Subtitled in English!

The musical lasts approximately 2 hours 35 minutes (including intermission) 

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The Musical

God created man, man created Tom of Finland. In turn, Tom’s Men gave millions of people the right to breathe and love.

Turku City Theatre’s new musical tells the story of how Touko Laaksonen became Tom of Finland. It shows a gifted, eccentric Finnish boy growing into an artist whose work is celebrated worldwide.

Tom’s fantasies-turned-drawings shaped the identities and sexualities of millions of men, sometimes as far as giving them a reason to keep on living. For the heterosexual majority, the drawings offered a peek into a world that had previously been unknown, even forbidden and punishable.

The musical challenges the audience to consider Tom of Finland and his art as one of the biggest factors in gay liberation and LGBT rights worldwide – an icon comparable to Martin Luther King in the African-American civil rights movement.

The story is based on real life, but just as Tom’s drawings became bigger and bolder during the course of his career, the musical also grows larger-than-life. Comedy and fiction intermix with the real story of Tom of Finland conquering the world. Furthermore, the musical explores Finnish history from World War II onwards from a fresh point of view, shining a spotlight on the parts of history that have often been silenced.

”It’s pure joy, from beginning to end”, librettist Tuomas Parkkinen says.

”It’s a musical for everyone who has ever loved or dreamed. It’s for everyone who enjoys life and sensuality, who likes handsome men, enjoys beauty and tease. And for everyone who wants to see a musical like they've never seen before – not onstage, not even in their wildest fantasies.”

The musical is composed by Jussi Vahvaselkä and Jori Sjöroos. It is directed and choreographed by Reija Wäre.

”It’s a musical heaven, an imaginary world where everything is possible. Just like the world of Touko Laaksonen’s drawings”, librettist Tuomas Parkkinen summarises.

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Tom of Finland premieres on January 27th, 2017 in Logomo Theatre, Turku. The show has a limited run in the spring of 2017, with final performance on May 6th. Buy your tickets online via!

Online prices for the tickets are 48 € for normal tickets, 43 € for senior citizens and 40 € for students (delivery fees, starting from 1 €, are not included in the prices).

The musical is subtitled in English.

We recommend the production for people over 16 years of age.


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