About Turku City Theatre

Turku City Theatre has always been a traditional repertory theatre, staging multiple plays on several stages at the same time. The genres and styles of the productions vary. We produce everything from comedy to drama and from Finnish plays to Broadway musicals, from classics to the newest contemporary plays.

Annually, Turku City Theatre premieres 5–10 new productions. Multiple touring productions also visit the theatre. Altogether, on different stages, we give around 400 performances each year. Currently, our productions are seen by about 100 000 people yearly.

Brief history

Turku City Theatre was founded in 1946. The theatre started out without a theatre house. At first, the plays were staged in various venues around the city, including Finland’s oldest theatre house Åbo Svenska Teater and Turku Concert Hall.

The unveiling of the brand-new theatre house in 1962 was a cause for celebration. Shakespeare’s The Tempest was chosen as the first play to be performed on the new stage. Even the President of Finland attended the opening night.

Turku City Theatre used to be Finland's oldest municipal theatre. In 2014, the municipal theatre was turned into a limited company. The change didn’t sever the ties in between the theatre and the city of Turku: the city now owns 100% of Turku City Theatre Ltd.’s stock.

From the beginning of 2014, Turku City Theatre Ltd. has been managed by CEO Arto Valkama and Director of Arts Mikko Kouki.