The cast has been selected for Turku City Theatre's Tom of Finland: The Musical. Tom of Finland's most well-known character, Kake, will be portrayed by Finnish dancer Ville Erola.

Kake is the most iconic and featured character in Tom of Finland’s drawings, and the epitome of the Tom of Finland man. The raven-haired, mustachioed and hypermasculine stallion is a reoccurring hero, touring the world on his motorcycle to bed as many men as he can. In Turku City Theatre's upcoming musical, the iconic role will be performed by Ville Erola.

”Kake's world-wide fame is of course fascinating to me. He is a unique, easily recognizable character. To live up to Kake’s charisma will be quite the exciting journey for me,” says Erola, also known as a member of the dance group Scandinavian Hunks.

”I'm looking forward to the musical with growing excitement. This is a fantastic challenge and an adventure,” he continues.

Foreign talent was also auditioned for Tom of Finland. Swiss dancer and musician Jonas Furrer was chosen to be a part of the musical's ensemble.

”I have known and loved the drawings of Tom of Finland since my early twenties, so I thought making a musical about him is a brilliant, and very entertaining idea,” Furrer comments.

Besides Erola and Furrer, the musical will feature the following visiting performers: Marika Huomolin, Leo Kirjonen, Jukka Nylund, Tuukka Raitala, Jonas Saari, Aleksi Seppänen. One more visiting cast member will join the cast on a later date.

The musical will feature the following members of Turku City Theatre's own personnel: Olli Rahkonen (Touko Laaksonen), Anna Victoria Eriksson (Kaija Laaksonen, Touko's sister), Minna Hämäläinen, Stefan Karlsson, Ulla Koivuranta, Mika Kujala, Petri Rajala, Kimmo Rasila, Ulla Reinikainen, Riitta Salminen

Tom of Finland: The Musical will premiere at Turku City Theatre's Logomo Theatre on January 27th and 28th, 2017. Tickets for all performances are on sale from October 10th onwards.

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